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Have you ever heard your client ask:" may I see your company profile?"  And, you didn't have one?

Well, I had a client who got cornered just like that in 2021.  And, his business has been up for more than five years then. So, he cornered me into writing his company profile.  Gosh, his business is so vital, you know, a main medical distributorship and expanding.  

So, we wouldn't want ourselves to be caught unguarded, would we?  This is our mission at ANI FREELANCE:  to enable every entrepreneur to be ready, be prepared, be confident, that every business challenge  is at the tip of one's fingers!   That's how we do it!  And, this can be for you, too.

We have written company profiles for many types of businesses such as businesses which are into the

.> clean environment bio-technology

>  construction and glass

>  extreme building maintenance work

>  human resources and services

> beauty and wellness

> importer-trader

> realty blogger

> power management in construction projects

> medical distribution network.

Writing your company profile is a developmental process until at the final stretch, you get

to see and understand your company profile  in a holistic  level.  And, you are crucial to this, every step of the way. 

In the next part are some other writing projects  that we can work together for you and your company.  


Business writing works

Writing by the Water
Cleaning Building Windows
Person Looking at Laptop

Bio-tech for Clean Environment


Building Maintenance - the Extreme!


The Real-ty Blogger


Woman Writing

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large for you.”

Virginia Woolf


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